Nature and sports

For those who love nature: Hikers can immediately discover the fields and sunken roads. In Everberg you can find a 9 km walk called ‘Warande’. In Tervuren can take a walk and picnic along the ponds in the park or in the forest with its ancient trees. In Neerijse you can walk in the Doode Beemde, a Nature Reserve. These are some walks that we can introduce. More opportunities you will discover during your stay. South Dijleland has a walking network of 300 km. For cyclists B&B Aline Florentine is located between junction 16 and 17 (map Dijleland, Flemish Brabant). You can go in many directions, including the university city of Leuven (+ / - 40 km round trip). Especially in our region is aircraft spotting along the runway in Zaventem obviously. Enough opportunities. If you prefer to mountainbike, then here we have some challenging routes for you in the area: 15.9 km blue loop (Colomba mountain bike 64% off-road), 21.4 km green loop and if you go to Tervuren (at 8 km) you can follow the green loop Moorsel of 16.8 km. You must bring your own mountain bikes. Joggers can put on their running shoes and enjoy the fields or the forest.

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